Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I make a late payment?

  • There's a 5 day grace period (business days) on all loan payments after which borrowers are charged a late fee. The first late fee is $50. Additional missed payments will result in a late fee of $100. The Growth Loan is connected to a revolving loan fund. It's critical that payments are made on time in order to have funds to lend to more small businesses. 

In which states do you offer loans?

  • We're currently offering the Growth Loan to businesses in Jefferson County Kentucky and Clark and Floyd Counties in Indiana.

 What are the terms of a Growth Loan?

  • Growth Loans range from $10,000 - $35,000 with interest rates of 5-7% (average APR of 5.85%). Loans are paid off over 3 years, through 36 equal monthly payments.

Who is NOT eligible for a Growth Loan?

  • In order to qualify for the Growth Loan, businesses must have been in operation for at least a year. Loans cannot be made to the following business endeavors: Multi-level marketing; Gambling; Lottery equipment and products; Inventory floor-planning; Cigarettes and nicotine; Speculative activities including real estate, lending for investments; Sale and/or production of pornographic materials; Sale and/or manufacture of explosives or firearms; To pay business or personal taxes; Mortgage or rent for home-based business; Personal expenses; check-cashing or any predatory lending operations; liquor stores, or any other business as deemed excluded by the Revolving Loan Fund Committee.

Is there an application fee?

  • Yes, there is an application fee of $40. Application fees are applied to $200 in closing costs should your loan be approved.

Is there a minimum Credit Score requirement?

  • No, however, we still ask for your Credit Score for program reporting and improvements.

What documents are required to apply?

  • We collect the following documents during the application process:

    • Entrepreneur Interview

    • Personal Financial Statement

    • Form W9

    • Month-by-month income statement (P&L) for the past 12 months

    • Month-by-month financial projections for the next 36 months

    • Key assumptions behind your financial projections

    • Current Balance Sheet

    • Loan Use Statement

    • Pitch Deck

    • Business Plan/Canvas Information

What will my monthly payment be?

  • Your monthly payment depends on the size of your loan (up to $35,000) and interest rate (5-7%) your loan repayment. All loans are repaid monthly over a 3 year (36 months) term.

    • Example 1: A $35,000 loan with a 5% interest rate would have a monthly payment of $1,048.98

    • Example 2: A $25,000 loan with a 7% interest rate would have a monthly payment of $771.93

Does Access Ventures provide Technical Assistance?

  • We've designed our application process with TA in mind, and have tasked our committee with providing constructive feedback. Many applicants report having benefited from going through the process regardless of approval. We also partner with local TA providers who work with applicants to fine tune their information.

How do we determine loan eligibility?

  • Our goal is to maximize the impact of our loan pool. In order to do that, we score each applicant based on risk and impact goals for Access Ventures.

Is the Growth Loan connected to a CDFI?

  • Access Ventures is a mission-based lender that operates in a similar fashion to a CDFI.

If the total cost of my project exceeds $35,000, should I apply for the Growth Loan?

  • If there is a part of your project that can be accomplished using $35,000 that results in additional revenue, we encourage you to apply.

How long does my application stay active?

  • If your application is stagnant for 8 weeks, it will be archived and you will need to re-apply.

Is there any equity at stake when taking out a Growth Loan?

  • As opposed to an equity investment or convertible debt, the Growth Loan is truly a loan. We do not take ownership in the company.

Will I have to provide a Personal Guarantee?

  • Yes! Full repayment is expected. While we do not have any financial collateral requirements, a personal guarantee is required from any owner with an ownership stake of 30% or greater.

Why would the loan be called due if a borrower raises equity or convertible debt?

  • The Growth Loan is a revolving loan fund that is meant to be a source of capital when access to capital is limited. At the point where a business is successful enough to attract investment dollars, we ask that funds be returned in order to assist others who are not yet eligible for mainstream financial products.