Why the Growth Loan?

Small business owners are the unsung heroes within every community. 

Every day, these hard-working entrepreneurs struggle to identify adequate sources of capital to grow their business. Today in America, roughly 80% of small businesses cannot access a loan from a bank, and community banking is down 50% over the past decade. As the primary employers in the United States, a lack of capital stifles both business innovation as well as job creation.

Small-business lending has been stuck in a slow, grinding recovery behind other types of business and consumer loans. Traditional lending options still lack the flexibility needed to support small business growth.

The Growth Loan is a character-based loan of up to $35,000 for small business owners who cannot access capital through traditional underwriting methods. More than anything, the Growth Loan process is a conversation. Establishing confidence in you, the borrower, is an important piece of the equation. Loan use is flexible including working capital, website improvements, and more.




Interest Rates

$10k - $35k

Loan Amount

3 Year

Repayment Terms


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